Cookery School

Learning life skills and having fun

We were fortunate to receive a grant in 2022 from Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership.  This allowed us to develop four mobile cooking stations which are now used every day by our champions as they develop life skills.

Cookery school Five Acres

Learning to Cook

The cookery school is used to teach new skills which can be used to help them become more independent.  Skills such as peeling and cutting vegetables, following recipes, working safely, use of the ovens and safe use of knives.  We learn why hygiene is important and  how to clean our work areas.

We look at recipes, creating tasty and nutritious menus and we support each other as we go food shopping in the local shops.

Shopping for kitchen utensils in Ikea Five Acres

Working towards developing life skills for independent living and employment

Worldwide Food

In recent weeks the champions have been cooking for each other.  We have extended our work to look at different countries and what sort of food they eat. In our America week we made Southern Fried Chicken, Burgers and Mac n’ Cheese.


Shopping for food Five Acres 2023

Event Planning

Planning events is great fun for us all. We worked together as a team to plan the King’s Coronation party.  We prepared 120 afternoon teas with lots of cakes, bakes and treats.

This is a great way to teach our champions how to plan and execute an event.  It involves our champions working as a team and supporting each other.

Coronation tea Five Acres May 2023

Part of our cooking school is to look at healthy eating, choosing heathier options and portion control as well as what we should eat as part of our five a day.

Future Plans

The combination of skills our champions learn including communication skills as they work together on recipes and menus, form part of our future plans.

We would love to see our dream of a community cafe, in which our champions work to serve paying customers, a reality. 

Employability is one of our key aims for our champions. 

Shopping together Five Acres

Life Skills

As well as having a lot of fun we focus on nurturing crucial life skills such as washing up, hoovering and even putting fuel in the car.  We have enjoyed woodworking sessions, learned how to build a fire and use a washing machine.

Some of our most important life skills are taught in our garden as we work towards our “field to fork” concept.

Learn more about our garden here.

Gardening Five Acres

How you can help us with our plans for a community garden