The Garden

From Field to Fork – Gardening For Growth

The Garden Crew

There is so much going on in our garden as we work towards our concept of field to fork.

We are growing a range of fruit trees and vegetables, bonsai trees, succulents with many of our plants grown from seed.

We are fortunate to have received support from local businesses with this.

Cookery school Five Acres

From field to fork

The Horti Hub

We have a fantastic wooden horticultural hub, perfect for potting out. This came to us courtesy of a grant from the Happiness Hub (PCP).  It means our champions can continue to work on gardening projects even when it is wet. 

Potting out gardening Five Acres

How you can help us to achieve the aim of a community garden for our champions

Plant Sales

At the Coronation celebration champions sold some of the surplus of plants to family and friends. 

We set up a stall with champions marketing, selling and taking payment for the plants. 

It proved very popular and we had the opportunity to practice our best customer service skills. 

Plant sale Five Acres