The Garden

From Field to Fork – Gardening For Growth

The Garden Crew

Our Garden is at the center of Five Acres’s heart. 

We believe our Champions thrive by contributing to the upkeep of our local environment and nature. 

The Garden Crew is tasked with growing a range of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs as well as maintaining a vibrant garden full of different flowers and plants.

Champions that take part in the Garden Crew have the opportunity to gain skills in all things gardening. From looking after Bonsai trees to helping in the local community, tending to allotments and local gardens.


From field to fork

The Horti Hub

In 2021, Five Acres received a grant from the Happiness Hub (PCP) to fund the building of our “Horti Hub”. 

Building of the Horti Hub was finally finished in March 2023, prompting its opening in June 2023, with Carol Gasgarth from the Happiness Hub cutting the ribbon and declaring the Horti Hub open for action. 

This fantastic wooden horticultural hub is home to the many projects our Gardening Crew take on. This hub creates an outdoor learning space that is accessible for all abilities. 

From potting new plants, to an area for woodwork, there is a wide range of activities for those young adults that are interested in developing skills in the agricultural sector. 


How you can help us to achieve the aim of a community garden for our champions

Enterprise Projects

The Gardening Crew has taken part in many enterprise projects over the years. From succulent plants to woodcraft products, our young adults take part in designing our products as well as making them. 

The Garden Crew will often hold their own stall at our events in order to sell their handmade products and plants.